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Local School Education Days

The DWB Living History Project provides hands on educational experiences for local area school children.

Schools from surrounding towns send their fourth and fifth graders to our site for a unique learning experience.

The children learn about home life for a typical New England family in the 1780's. They learn about passtimes and games played by children of the era.

The children are introduced to colonial family life firsthand by learning how the family cooked over a real fire in the hearth. They help prepare apples for applesauce and are given a tour of the house. They can ask questions and are encouraged to think about how life is different for us today.

There are a variety of craft classes taught to the children, from quill pen writing to tape weaving. These classes are to help the children understand the skills learned by the children of long ago.


The volunteers who teach and play with the children are from local families, and are all ages. The Education classes take place in April and early May, just prior to the season opening for the public.