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Updated on January 28, 2006


Here, I will be adding information about each book as I can, it will be an on going process.

I am an associate with both and, but my purpose is to bring you info and hopefully help you find the books you are seeking.

Each of these titles will become links where you can learn more about each one.

Books written under the pen name Jane Fraser.

A Secret To Tell - 1955
April - 1957
On My Own 1965
Sleeping Tiger - 1967
Another View - 1969
The End Of Summer - 1971
Snow In April - 1972
The Empty House - 1973
The Day Of The Storm - 1975
Under Gemini - 1976
Wild Mountain Thyme - 1978
The Carousel - 1982
Voices In Summer - 1984
The Blue Bedroom and Other Stories - 1985
The Shell Seekers - 1987
September - 1990
Flowers In The Rain and Other Stories - 1991
Coming Home - 1995
The World of Rosamunde Pilcher - 1996
The Key 1996
Christmas With Rosamunde Pilcher - 1998
Shadows R Pilcher Bds 1999
Winter Solstice 2000

What about "The White Birds"?

What about "The Blackberry Day"?

What about "Tea With the Professor"?

These are all titles of AUDIO tapes of stories from "Flowers in the Rain" and "The Blue Bedroom". They are NOT new or separate books that you cannot seem find!

There are new audio tapes and cds out now, I will bring you that info very soon!

What about "Nancherrow"?
What about "Summer Solstice"?

These are movie sequels to their partner films: "Coming Home" and "Winter Solstice".

Yes! Winter Solstice was made into a movie, and shown in the UK. Last summer Summer Solstice was made. I will bring you all the info I can find about it in the coming weeks. Look for that under FILMS