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Daniel Webster Tour

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This is an old postcard from the New Hampshire statehouse gift shop,
showing the murals in the Senate Chambers. The one circled is of Daniel Webster
as a boy. Below, is a recent photo of that mural.

Caption says: "This was the Salisbury village tavern in which Daniel Webster spent his boyhood. His father, Captain Ebenezer Webster, operated it from 1784 to 1799. At left is the brick school, which young Webster attended, and is now a workshop of Teofil J. Sokul, a contractor, who owns this rare photograph."

Plaque says: ELMS FARM the home of Daniel Webster from 1800 when it was purchased by his father Capt Ebenezer Webster until his death in 1862. In possession of the Webster Family for more than half a century.

Recent photo of Elms Farm.

Home Church of the Webster Family.

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