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Scams and Hoaxes

This page lists a few sites that expose these for what they truly are. See if you have seen any of them...

Have you ever received an email stating that you need to update your information for an account, even from a bank or other company you know you don't have an account with? This is a scam called phishing, they are trying to steal YOUR personal information. Report Phishing at Anti-Phishing Working Group
They also send letters, which I will be scanning and posting here, soon. They look official but they are fake. They sound urgent and seem to offer something you must have, but they are only wanting to con you.

Nigerian Letter Fraud-
This is another scam that hits email boxes everyday. They have been around for years, each time changing the info a little, but the scam is the same. Visit this site Artists Against 419, that tells a lot about the scam, it's many aliases and guises, and what you can do to fight it.

I've decided to list example letters, the ones so graciously sent to me recently!

Fake Banks-
Artists Against 419 also enlightens visitors of the MANY fake bank sites out there, that just want to clean you out. There's a list of fake banks, maybe check and make sure your bank is not listed.

Email Hoaxes-
Do you receive a lot of email asking you to "forward this important message on to everyone in your address book"? And did you? Then you may have fallen prey to a hoax. To check first if something is for real or not there are several sites you can go to, if at first you haven't Googled it!

HOAXBUSTERS! where you can find hoaxes by category or by search engine. It also teaches you how to recognize a hoax.

Photoshop Enhanced Pictures

Now these aren't hoaxes in and of themselves, but have been circulated as being authentic pictures. Many of my friends have sent me these pictures with messages attached that show they believe them to be real. I just want to let you know, they aren't, don't be douped! I will add these soon!

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